PE360 Online

Know your team. Measure performance. Obtain feedback.

Performance Evaluation is defined as a formal procedure to measure an employee’s work and results based on their job responsibilities. PE360 Online provides all the required tools to make this process easy and simple.

When I’ve been just a developer (and then team leader) in one of the Kyiv companies, every 6 months we had the performance evaluation HR meeting. Before this meeting developer and team leader have to fill a few questionaries in Excel format and then calculate developer performance at the meeting. Usually, previous meeting’s notes were not available and it was blocking to track the developer performance during the longer period, track how developers achieving goals, and detect the start of “burning out” of the developer.

So I decided to implement service that will fix issues above and this is the main idea of PE360 Online.

Tools and Technologies: #Golang, #React, #Docker, #MongoDB, #Traefik, #gRPC Status: in development URL: